Alicia Harris


B Hlth Sc (Naturopathy)

About Alicia

Alicia works with you and your limits to ensure great health outcomes. Working like a specialist / general practitioner, Alicia is an expert is treating a variety of conditions whilst increasing the health of the whole body.

As a highly qualified Naturopath, Alicia adheres to a model of health that addresses the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each patient. She treats from a variety of clinics in Sydney and via Skype allowing you to have access to Alicias expertise from all around the world.

Your needs and abilities are considered in a supportive, caring manner  and your health improves without strain. Alicia believes it is important to incorporate good habits into your life so that you have a better chance of staying healthy for much longer.

Alicia attends many conferences and continues to further her studies to ensure you get the most up-to-date treatments available.

With such a large array of knowledge to her credit, she is able to diagnose and formulate the most effective treatment plan to bring your body back to its naturally balanced state. Alicia is honored to have volunteered for 10 years using her naturopathic skills to the homeless youth of Sydney through the Salvation Army in Surry Hills weekly. She has enjoyed seeing the changes in the young adults and children since 2007. For further information, please view our "Why Choose Us" page.

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