Please note that all consultations are by appointment only.



Initial Naturopathic consultation 75min


45 minute Naturopathic
consultation / allergy treatment


25 minute Naturopathic
check up / specific allergy


15 minute Acute care Naturopathic


Comprehensive NutriCheck Assessment


Services may include:
Nutritional assessment, Iridology, Pathology care and assessment, Energy balancing, Immune strengthening to reduce allergy symptoms, counselling.
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Asthma Package


1 x phone consultation for 15 mins, 1 initial consultation, 1 consultation, 4 allergy desensitization sessions, 10% off any prescriptions during the 2 months of treatments. Aim: to reduce or eliminate the need for asthma medication, reduce or cease coughing and breath easily.

Valued at $1047 ONLY $647-

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