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If you or someone you know has asthma then you would know how debilitating it can be. Many stories I have heard of people having to give up a lifestyle they love because they can't breathe and the medications have helped but not enough to help them feel confident.

This is NOT a way to live and I am highly passionate about people living the way the best way they can so I have spent years of cultivating and successfully treating people way to reduce asthma signs and symptoms, in many cases 100%.

Stop feeling like a fish out of water, suffocating and scared. You can have:

Open airways

improved breathing

exercise freely

more energy

Relaxed chest

No wheezing

No coughing

A good nights sleep

Feel free to breathe

Alicia Harris is focused on providing you and your family high-quality, effective treatments and supplementation to get your health better.

Don't delay, get yourself breathing better now. Guaranteed results, easy package, breathe better. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Click here for a consultant to get in touch with you today!

What triggers Asthma?

The picture above displays what is happening on a cellular level with the people who suffer from asthma, allergies and skin complaints. It doesn't take much time for the immune system to go into over load and produce the symptoms and signs of asthma once a trigger has been in contact.

So, what are these triggers?

Well, triggers can be from the outside and indoors too. The outdoor triggers are from air pollution (even people without can have trouble breathing on high air pollution days). The main air pollution triggers are small particles or particulate pollution and ozone. These come from smoke, road dust, car emissions, factories. We are lucky that many people have quit smoking and there are more and more electric cars of the roads but particle pollution is not the only outside trigger. Ozone levels are highest in the summer but particle pollution can be high at anytime of the year, especially near busy roads.

Plant pollens can allso trigger some asthma incidences.

Asthma attacks can occur the same day, but may also occur the day AFTER outdoor pollution levels are high. When the Air Quality Index (AQI) reports unhealthy levels, limit physical exertion outdoors.

Indoor triggers are just as difficult to avoid. They include dust and dust mites, mold, perfumes, paints, chemicals in furniture, nitrogen dioxide in gas cooking or heating appliances, chemicals in cleaning products and some foods.

All of these triggers are individual to the asthma sufferer. You may be lucky and only have a few.

Either way, with treatments, your body will become stronger so that you are no longer triggered by these everyday atmospheric substances.

Specials, Packages and more for you

Breath freely now

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Asthma treatment package of 6 consultations including treatments and guarantee normally cost $810-.

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We can guarantee you:

Your asthma will improve within the time of the 6 asthma treatments where the need for your medications will reduce or, you won't pay for more consultations until your asthma improves.

Breathe freely with less or no medications / steroids.

Up to 6 treatments in 3 - 4 weeks

As well as the asthma package you commit to, you may also be prescribed herbal medicines and supplements to strengthen your immune system.

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