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New, New New For you!11-Nov-2019

If you want more information check out Alicia Harris Naturopath facebook page, Alicia Harris Nat..

Better Health For You31-Jan-2018

I'm so excited to be launching the Better Health For You program where you choose what you pay f..

Convenient clinic locations for you20-Oct-2017

All appointments are to be pre-booked. You can phone or text me directly on 0411 311 709 Mo..

New Facebook and Maroubra address31-Oct-2016

I'm excited to have an address that is back in the East. 498 Malabar Rd, Maroubra Beach. The con..

Available for you26-Sep-2016

Just a quick note to say that my discounted fees are staying put for a while longer and that I a..

The fourth dimension- Birth of Malachi11-Feb-2016

Time has no place in labour or afterwards, at least for a few months. During our labour t..

Thanks to you, leaving CNHC, future plans, my pregnancy29-Oct-2015

I have worked at the Coogee clinic since Jan, 2007 and have loved it. In April 2009 I took over,..

Massage in Coogee01-Sep-2015

Some of you may know that it has been hard to book for a massage at the Coogee clinic recently b..

Alicia is pregnant31-Jul-2015

Its all happening this year and though I am very excited about this new journey I am also very s..

Alicia got married26-Feb-2015

Very excited to share of my recent marriage! Some of you I have known for a long time, a short t..

Amelia is leaving: Congratulations06-Nov-2014

Amelia has been working at Coogee Natural Health Care for a number of years. We have all been im..

New website: Information plus06-Nov-2014

I was very fortunate to have been introduced to a new and better way of sharing information. Our..

Change of Business Name: We Care14-Nov-2013

When I took over the Coogee Natural Health Centre in April 2009 I always wanted to change the na..

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