Why see a naturopath?

The origins of naturopathy can be traced back over two thousand years to the time of Hippocrates. This Father of Modern Medicine believed that the human organism, with its body, mind and spirit is inextricably linked to the natural world, and with the right conditions, humans have the ability to regenerate and self-heal.

Naturopathic treatments can facilitate the healing of any number of health complaints, including chronic conditions such as allergies and digestive problems, hormonal imbalances and skin conditions, to acute diseases that threaten life. These treatments may either be in conjunction with other medical treatment or in many cases an alternative. In addition, many healthy people choose to see a naturopath on a regular basis as their primary care physician in order to maintain their health and wellbeing.


What you can expect

Before your appointment begins you will need to fill in 5 pages. These pages mostly consist of tick box questions which give Alicia a thorough understanding of what your body is doing. Alicia will read through your form and focus the appointment on your major concern. She will ask you questions about your diet and lifestyle as well as some of your bodily functions. Alicia will assess your pathology tests and possibly recommend more testing. Alicia enjoys working closely with your Doctor to get you to optimal health. It can be quite interesting getting to understand your own body. Alicia will give you advice on your diet, lifestyle, supplements and possibly herbal medicine catered just for you. You will then have a follow up appointment 2 weeks later (at the most) and this is where you tell Alicia how much better you are feeling and the other health concerns. Here we go deeper into your health and start to rebalance your body from a deeper cellular level.

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