Nutritional Medicine


As the old saying goes ‘we are what we eat’, well, that is not entirely true. We are effected by what we eat and unfortunatly, in Australia and many other developed countries the population is malnourished.

Yes, malnourished! Many people have many vitamin and mineral deficiencies and try their best to eat well. With so many delicious foods in restaurants, easy packet foods as well as our depleasted Australian soil, i is no wonder many people are struggling.

Alicia will identifiy these deficiencies and support your to replenish them  in a safe and effective way. 

Our body processes need vitamins and minerals to function well and when we don’t have these nutrients we eventually get disease. It may be that we catch the flu, get itchy skin or something much more serious.

Alicia respects your opinion and your food choices and she works to moderate them so you can get the best out of your life. so, don't worry, your favourite foods can still be enjoyed.

Small changes to your diet can provide huge benefits.


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